Monday, January 6, 2014

The Beginning

Just left my employer of the last 7.5 years due to a reduction in force, age 56, with a plan to move to a second career but not sure what it should be. This blog will document my progress in figuring out what to do and how to do it.

My choices for next career are varied:

  • Consulting based on my 20+ years of experience in telecom, particularly wireless?  This is not really a second career, as it is an extension of my previous career.
  • Become a financial planner and help others reach their financial goals?  This would involve retraining and passing certification in the US and/or Canada and then either joining a company or starting my own business.
  • Re-learning how to program and writing apps?  My past experience is with structured programming in ancient languages like Fortran, C, PL-1, Cobol.  Everything is now object oriented and done in C, C++, Java, ..
  • Take a low stress low skill job part time and spend more time on leisure activities?  This might involve the phrases:
    • "Did you find everything you wanted"
    • "Pull forward to the second window"
    • "Welcome to XXX, do you need a shopping cart"
    • "Hello, my name is Felix and I am calling to survey you about ..."

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