Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Don't Ask Me About Trump Voters

As a dual citizen of Canada and the USA who has lived in both countries for many years, Canadians often ask me why Trump garners so much support from voters. It's reached a point where I'm tempted to just shrug my shoulders in response.

Previously, I've rambled about tribal tendencies, racism, white nationalism, tax aversion, celebrity worship, ignorance, anti-immigrant sentiments, misogyny, and evangelical support. After such discussions, I feel like Norm from Cheers, wasting time trying to appear knowledgeable.

I've realized that I truly know nothing about Trump supporters. I'm clueless about why they vote for him, what they desire, and who they are, although I can sometimes spot a few by their bumper stickers and roadside tributes in Upstate New York (see below).

Maybe someone else knows the answer, not me.

Trump Shrine in NH