Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sharpening up the Old Skills

Got a chance to sharpen up the old technical skills over the last few days:

  • Take apart hair trimmer, solder in new battery, re-assemble, and it works. 
  • Edit videos and upload to Youtube (see previous).
  • Turn old PC into home file server using Freenas, then turn it into a media server by enabling DLNA plugin and configuring the storage.
    • Create ISO images on CD and USB stick using PC
    • Reconfigure PC BIOS to boot from a USB stick instead of hard drive or CD.
    • Open a UNIX shell and use ancient UNIX commands to check out the directories, permissions, make file links, edit files, etc.  It is amazing that people still use UNIX, which was considered a "techy OS" in the early 80's.  Some part of my brain is still intact from back then because I remembered the commands cd, ls, ..
Next step is to set up my Raspberry PI microcontroller and create a new widget.


  1. You could try to set up an HTML web site too using LAMP
    Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, always a fun project.

    1. If I know the meaning of 3 of your 6 acronyms do I win anything?


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