Monday, January 27, 2014

Career Advice from a Jersey Girl

Just went through the Job Search/Job Transition/Retirement orientation online workshop from a company what was hired by my former employer.  Lots of good advice:

  • Have a goal or goals in mind
  • Treat it as a project that requires work, diligence, followup, training, coaching..
  • Don't sit back and let the jobs come to you
  • etc.
It was given by a very nice lady with a strong New Jersey accent and she sounded like a real Jersey Girl (not that there is anything wrong with that).  It brought to mind the Sopranos, Jersey Shore reality series, and Chris Christie.  I won't even try to characterize the Jersey accent, the following video is probably better.


  1. The best advice I give people who are looking for jobs are:

    "Don't network with other unemployed people, they don't have jobs, network with employed people, they have jobs!"

  2. Good advice. I was kind of surprised when they talked about networking with other unemployed folks. They can commiserate but not eliminate the problem.


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