Monday, January 20, 2014

Online courses - good but not as good as I thought

I am taking the Canadian CFP course as a purely online course.


  1. Work at your own pace, whenever you want
  2. Can work on the course wherever you can get Internet access
  1. No help as far as I can tell, you are on your own.
  2. Tests have to be multiple choice or have unambiguous answers.
  3. No learning from other class members.
I did not realize the value of getting live help or doing an old-style written test.  For example, one test had a clearly wrong answer, but there was no one to alert in real time, my answer was just marked wrong.  In another example, I had to round the numbers to nearest dollar and if I did not, it was marked as incorrect.  I guess the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) concept is going to be a little more difficult than the blogosphere seems to think.

Anyway, I am continuing the course.  The only other thing I noticed is that the Canadian "social safety net" for retirement is not as good as I thought.  Maybe I should have expected this since Nortel pensions were better insured by the US government than in Canada.

P.S. I removed the moderation of blog comments.

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