Friday, January 10, 2014

Networking - a new way to say "Let's go to the Bar"

Spent some time networking today with colleagues from NII.  Rushi Shah organized a "Happy Hour" through my "Ex-NII Employees" group on Linkedin.  Seems like an oxymoron to call it a Happy Hour due to the layoffs, but everyone seemed happy.  We met at American Tap Room in Reston Town Center.

Happy Hour Networking at American Tap Room

Reston Town Center is a "downtown" for the suburb of Reston.  All the parking is hidden away and it is set up to seem like a real old-style downtown - lots of restaurants and chain stores and walkable - very pleasant but a little artificial feeling at times.  When I worked there, someone asked me for some spare change on the street, which had never happened before.  I swear the management of the Town Center had hired this person to be a panhandler to give more of a downtown atmosphere.

Reston Town Center Scene
Back to the networking.  When I started working many years ago, we would say "let's go to the bar next door".  Now we network at the bar, but it's still good.

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