Friday, November 5, 2021

Disappointment in the USA

 It is November and we have witnessed another set of US elections.  I continue to be disappointed in the USA, just as I was when Biden defeated Trump with a slim majority in the house and senate.

The Republican party has grown more corrosive since the 2020 election - propagating lies that the election was fixed, that the riot at the Capitol was not a problem, that COVID precautions are an issue of freedom for the folks who want to infect others, women do not control their bodies, climate change is a myth, and everyone must kiss Trump's ring and declare their undying loyalty to one horrible narcissistic man.

Yet the public votes for a Republican governor in swing state Virginia and almost elects one in New Jersey.  Obviously, the faults of the Republican party are not important to these folks and I think it means that the USA is heading for a breakup.  Eventually, the country will break into a few chunks with free trade and a common defense policy:

  1. Northeast: progressive, urban, secular
  2. South: conservative, rural and industrial, christian
  3. Midwest: conservative, christian, rural
  4. West: progressive, urban, secular
  5. Texas: they will probably be independent and separate completely but have close ties with the South and Midwest
I am sure that Putin, Xi, and the billionaires like Musk, Bezos, and Zuckerberg will be delighted as they will have more power and the Ununited States of America will be a lot weaker.