Monday, June 2, 2014

More Interested in Second Career?

Just found out that my old company is layoffing off more people this Summer, so there may be more people interested in a second career perhaps?  I run a group for ex-employees of NII Holdings at this link.  We seem to be getting more activity on the group, which is understandable.

In the meantime, I am studying for my upcoming Canadian Financial Planner exam on retirement planning, employing successful methods that I used when Jimmy Carter was President and most telephones had rotary dials and they all had wires.  We will see if these methods still work in 2014 with a 57 year old brain.  The New York Times in this article seems to agree that writing notes (part of my methodology) improves memory.

In an effort to keep busy, I have also:

  • Flown my quadcopter drone, which resulted in the inevitable crash.  New parts are on order.
  • Upgraded my Windows PC with a new motherboard and Haswell CPU.  More problems than I expected, but it works.
  • Converted an old computer to a Freenas server (pain in the ass), then to an Ubuntu computer (what's the point, I have two other desktops), then to a NAS4FREE server (works so far).  I am blogging this project.
  • Sold all the old computer parts on Ebay for more money than you would think.  Who buys all these old motherboards, CPU, memory??
  • Planted lots of flowers.

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