Sunday, June 15, 2014

CFP Exam - a Humbling Experience

After taking the retirement planning exam, you realize that you are mentally out of shape.  This was my first real academic test in 30 years - 100 questions in 3 hours closed book.  By the way, technology has not advanced since my first exam in 1972, you use an HB pencil to blacken a little square on a form with your answer.  This was advanced in 1972, today it feels like getting up and rotating a dial on your 20 inch black and white TV.

The classroom was up to date with power plugs at every desk and wireless LAN.  The campus at the community college seemed to be a vast parking lot with nondescript buildings in the middle, a shopping center of learning. It was next to a real shopping center with a vast parking lot.

Anyway, it was a tough test and we will see how I did. I imagine I will get a punch card in the mail with my score.

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