Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Smelliest Taxi

We just had a ride in undoubtedly the smelliest taxi I have ever smelled.  This Toronto taxi in its inimitable orange and green paint job took us for a 10 minute ride.  The body odor in this cab would knock your socks off, even though the windows were partially open on a 0 degree C evening.  My wife tried to hold her breath for 15 minutes, then gave up and pinched her nose and kept asking, "are we there yet?".

Having taken gym at school, done manual work outside in the summer, and taken the Paris Metro, I have smelled bad body odor, but this was definitely the worst.  I hope Uber will improve taxi service in Toronto and they should definitely add a smell test to their driver qualification tests.  It is not good enough to ensure that you are not a meth addicted pedophile serial killer, you need to also do a nose test on the person and the car.
You can smell it coming a mile away.

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