Friday, April 18, 2014

Blogging is not a Good Second Career

So far, the ads on this blog have generated about $8.87 over 3 months, and the threshold to get a check from Google is $100.  Thanks to the 5 or 6 people who have clicked on the ads.  I find the advertisements pretty lame so its no wonder that Google missed its earnings target, if they had put more enticing ads on my blog (and others), they might do better.

Maybe if I switched to blogging about something more interesting I would get more page views and more ad clicks?  The most popular topics seem to be sex (no surprise there), celebrities, cute cat and dog pictures and videos, and weight loss.  My best idea so far is the Nude Kardashian Pet Food Diet Blog.


  1. I think you could open a business to sanitize and de-odor the taxis in Toronto.

  2. Possibly post about how to make a Home Cannabis business? I think the Money thing is pretty good, just keep plunking along, it takes a while to get interest and such.

    Or you could start publishing an "On Line MBA" course, which you charge a subscription fee. The Kardashian one isn't a bad idea either...


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