Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The County Job Fair

I recently attended a job fair sponsored by our county to see if there were any good part time opportunities for semi-retired people like me.  It was fine but not really much help.

  • Load cargo at the airport - a little too strenuous.  The job was creatively called "Ramp Manager".
  • Work at stores like Home Depot or Marshalls.  Possible, but you did not fill out an application at the job fair, you went home and put in an application on the Internet.
  • Tutor students - this seemed like a good job, but they were particularly interested in college test preparation (SAT) tutors.  I explained that I took the GMAT 32 years ago and the SAT 37 years ago and their interest waned.
  • A restaurant gave me a coupon for stopping by their booth, which was nice.
  • The job fair people are obviously data-driven as they gave me two surveys to fill out and I had to classify myself to get into the fair.  I think I chose something like "retired but looking for work".  They had no classification for "looking for easy high paying work part time when I feel like doing it".
I also look at the website all the time, but not much interesting there.

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