Friday, October 17, 2014

Staying Upbeat with Ebola, ISIS, Stock Market Correction

One of the downsides of not working is that you have lots of time to follow the news on TV, print, Internet, and paper.  One of the prime objectives of American media is to scare the living daylights out of you.  It is Armageddon every day in the US, with terrorists, viruses, mass murderers, zombies, criminals, and greedy financiers swarming through the streets of our suburban paradise to kill, maim, and bankrupt our innocent neighbors.

Aside from drugs, there are some techniques to stop you from digging a shelter in the backyard and buying a 50 gallon drum of rice at Costco:

  1. Don't watch too much news TV or spend too much time on Internet news websites.  There is plenty of diverting TV entertainment and the Internet contains plenty of porn and other info you have not found yet.  Avoid the modern equivalent of tabloids.
  2. Think about the facts.  Is ISIS the first organization to engage in terror and genocide or are they just the latest incarnation?  They are unfortunately just the latest - think of Rwanda, Yuogoslavia, Cambodia. How many people have caught Ebola in the US and died? - none yet.  Is crime increasing or decreasing?  It is actually decreasing steadily over the last 20 years.
  3. Exercise and get out and do things.  Use your common sense and wash your hands often, avoid leaving your Iphone on the table in the bar while you go to the restroom, and lock your car when you park it.
  4. Avoid friends who pay attention to all this stuff.  I am thinking about your buddy who, once he has a couple of beers, talks about his gun collection, his vast quantity of ammo, and the place in West Virginia where he will take his family when the financial system melts down and zombies are released from the graveyards.
I hope this is helpful.  Have a nice and carefree day.

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