Wednesday, September 4, 2019

These Jobs I Had No Longer Exist

I realized that quite a few jobs that I had during my career no longer exist.

  1. I was a paper delivery boy.  I walked or rode my bike through the neighborhood, delivering newspapers, and collected the money from the customers.  Most people now read newspapers online and delivery is done by men driving cars, bills are paid online.
  2. Delivering telephone books.  Before you had the internet, the only ways to find a telephone number were using a telephone book about 6 inches thick or calling directory assistance.  Telephone books are almost non-existent now.
  3. Mainframe computer operator.  I collected programs on punch cards from students, ran them through the terminal to run on a remote IBM mainframe, then gave the students the printout from their program.
  4. Gas station attendant.  I pumped gas into people's cars.  Other than states like New Jersey, almost all gas stations are self service.
  5. Supervisor of drawing library.  Engineering departments used to generate lots of huge blueprint drawings that were kept in a physical library or on microfilm.  Now everything is stored online.

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