Wednesday, January 3, 2018

BIG Warm Canadian Winter Coats

My wife just talked me into buying a new winter coat, a warm one.  It cost a fortune and I get heat prostration if I wear it inside or in the car, it is very warm.  The "snorkel hood" is so big I look like an elephant with a trunk if I deploy it.

Canadians seem to really be into big warm winter coats, think "Canada Goose" or similar.  You see them everywhere.  If you wanted to organize a walk to the North Pole, you could round up random people on Ste Catherine Street in Montreal and they would all be fully equipped for the expedition.  Even teenagers wear these Michelin Man coats.

Back in the day (60's and 70's), no one would be seen dead with such a big warm coat.  At our high school, you could identify students by their winter wear when it was -20 Celcius:

  1. The "Cool Kids" - they would have a jean jacket with a short sleeve T shirt underneath, ripped jeans, and adidas sneakers.
  2. The "Regular Kids" - jean jacket with sweater underneath or stylish lightweight ski jacket, jeans, and boots.
  3. The "Uncool kids" - random winter jacket, corduroy trousers for warmth, and overshoe boots over unstylish shoes.  Usually accented with a ridiculous winter hat with a huge pom-pom on top.

I fondly remember going skiing in -40C wind chill weather and wanting to attract girls so I wore a sweater, nylon jacket, tight ski pants, stylish hat and gloves, and I got frostbite and no girl took a second look.  If anything had happened, they would have admired my hidden red long underwear I am sure.

But now I am old and under new management, so it is a super warm super thick super duper jacket for me.

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