Sunday, June 4, 2017

American Versus Canadian Golf Clubs

We just joined a golf club here in Ottawa, we have never joined a club before.   It is one of the top clubs in town.  My only previous experience was playing as a guest multiple times at high end country clubs in Dallas and Virginia.  The differences between Canadian and US clubs are interesting.

Canada: elite but practical
USA: elite and luxurious, Caddyshack without the comedy

What have I noticed?

TippingBring a wad of $1 bills and tip everybody: bag drop boy, locker room attendant, beverage cart girl..Never tip, employees are overjoyed if you do tip.
CartsAll golfers use powercarts, which have GPS, built in 2 way radio to call for food, refreshing towel, tees, ..Everyone walks and uses a pull cart. If you are really righteous, you carry your bag.
Beverage CartCart comes around every 10 mins with a good looking young lady in daisy dukes. Tip heavily and flirt.Beverage cart only operates if the course is full, most people just take free water. Cart girl is ecstatic when you give her 50 cent tip.
BarBar stocks 50 different kinds of single malt whiskey, 45 kinds of tequila, and lots of cigars.Bar stocks 20 kinds of draft. Cigars must be smoked off the property on the side of the road.
Lost ballsWoods and ponds full of high quality balls that no one bothered to findWoods and ponds scoured clean
Course MaintenanceSpare no chemicals or treatments to keep it beautiful. Good thing Trump took us out of the Paris Accord.Sierra Club would be proud.
Course DesignCourse designed by Jack Nicklaus or Greg NormanCourse designed by founder's brother in law Norman.
ClubsCleaned after every round, make sure to tip.There is a bucket behind the pro shop if you want to do it yourself.

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