Sunday, September 18, 2016

Amazon Canada Versus USA

Having used Amazon for many years in the USA, my plan on moving to Canada was to use, the Canadian version.  However, Amazon like most businesses operating on both sides of the border, takes on a Canadian character in

This is my personal impression, you may see it differently.

Lowest pricesYes, most of the timeSometimes
Free shipping with order over $25YesYes, but takes weeks
Huge selectionYesYes, compared to other Canadian stores (tallest pygmy principle)
2 Day Prime ShippingYes, $99Yes, $79
Free Music with PrimeYesNo
Free video streaming with PrimeYesNo
Free Restaurant Delivery with PrimeYesNo
Free Washington Post with PrimeYesNo
Free Photo Storage with PrimeYesNo
Lend Kindle books with PrimeYesNo
Free Audible books with PrimeYesNo
Alexa AI serviceYesNo - why do you keep asking for all this stuff?
Sell your used items on AmazonYes, freeYes, for a fee
Charges sales taxSometimes, depending on source and shipping destinationYes, always, without fail, every time, no exceptions

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