Saturday, November 21, 2015

Modern Science Has Cured Dandruff?

In my last post, I reflected on Americans fear of terrorists, refugees, and Ebola.  However, it seems that modern science has defeated the previously feared disease of DANDRUFF.

Back in the 60's and 70's, the golden age of Television, dandruff was one of the most feared conditions in America.  We were bombarded with commercials from Resdan, Head and Shoulders, and Selsun Blue claiming they could cure dandruff.  Men in black turtlenecks were shown being dissed by sexy women because of the visible flakes of dandruff - they seemed to be the size of potatoe chips.  This dandruff disease was rampant, and only the advertised solution would work, check out a commercial below:

Today, we no longer fear the dandruff plague, as I never see any commercials for dandruff shampoo.  Clearly we have won this scientific battle and the new commercials are all about prescriptions for urinary incontinence, erectile disfunction, and constipation from taking too many opioids (the dreaded OIC!).

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