Friday, February 6, 2015

Canadian and US Golf Courses

What is the biggest difference between the average Canadian golf course and the average US golf course?  My answer - the number of lost balls you find.

Golfing in Florida last month, I spent the usual amount of time looking for my errant ball in the rough, in the jungle, in the tall grass, etc.  I could usually find at least one ball, and maybe a few more.  Americans lose a lot of balls and either cannot be bothered to pick them up or are not allowed to get them.  One course we played did not allow you to carry a ball retriever in your bag as they did not want you to slow down the game by fishing for your ball in the lake and maybe picking up a few more.

Canadian courses, on the other hand, are more like the Sahara Desert of golf balls.  Canadians know the cost of the ball and will search for quite a while if they lose one.  Heck, they will be looking for lost balls even when they did not lose theirs.  A popular accessory is the double golf ball retriever which can pick up two balls at once from the lake.  A cheerful call of "I finished with more balls than I started!" is a common 18th hole exclamation. If you lose your ball on a Canadian course, you better find your ball, as you are unlikely to find any others.

Other than that, the game of golf remains the same frustrating pastime both sides of the border, except the domestic beer is better in Canada.

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