Monday, November 24, 2014

Costco - Do You Really Save Money?

As a Costco member, I used to wonder if it was worth the cost of the membership.  So I did some analysis of the cost of my "Executive" membership versus the benefits.  I looked at items we regularly buy at Costco and the discount versus normal stores (grocery, wine store..).

Yearly Analysis Costco
300 gals gas @ $0.20 discount$60.00
Claritin D generic @$10 off, 24 units$240.00
Bottled water @ $2 off, 26 cases$52.00
Executive Rebate$50.00
Coffee @$3 off, 20 bags$60.00
Wine@$2 off, 26 bottles$52.00
Total Benefit$404.00

The main take-away is that if you can find things that you buy regularly and are heavily discounted at Costco, like generic Claritin-D, you get a big benefit.

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