Saturday, July 19, 2014

Free Magazines

I don't know what is going on in the publishing business today.  I get solicitations by email every few days offering free magazine subscriptions.  Sometimes you have to fill in a pretty innocuous survey, sometimes you have to provide a little personal information.  It does not really bother me to do a 15 question survey on razor blades or coffee.  I never have to provide a credit card number, so it is not a scam to get me to renew next year for a big charge.

So far, I have free subscriptions to the following (I like magazines by the way):
- Wired
- Wall Street Journal
- Popular Science
- Popular Photography
- New York Magazine (electronic version)
- Cycle
- Motor Trend
- Travel and Leisure
- Forbes (love the articles targeted at plutocrats)
- Retired Nudists (not a real magazine, just checking to see how far you read)
- and some others I forget

They must be desperate for subscribers.

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