Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Exam Nightmare

One of my standard nightmare for the last 35 years is that I am late for an exam and do not get there in time. Pretty strange since I was not taking any courses at the time.   Evidently, this is a pretty standard nightmare and does not indicate any deviant personality traits, I hope.  I usually get nightmares after eating a huge dinner and/or drinking too much and/or sleeping too long - so a Porterhouse steak with a bottle of Cabernet and sleeping in until 10am is a guaranteed terror.

I have just checked up on the financial planner website and it turns out my CFP exam for my first course will be held at my old University (University of Toronto) and it will be closed book test unlike the assignments in the online version of the course.  I am going to accelerate my course work and hit the books to get ready, but no nightmares yet.

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