Friday, March 21, 2014

Saving Money on Internet Shopping or Am I Tight?

If you know me or talk to my wife, you probably think I am thrifty aka careful aka tight aka cheap.  This is true and it probably relates to some childhood problem that will be cured in future by drugs that they advertise on the TV news, but for now, I am an uncured tightwad.

One way that I save money on Internet purchases is by exploiting the Internet business model.  Websites carry advertisements for shopping sites and are paid a commission if you click on the link on the site and then buy something.  The commission varies from 2% to as much as 20%.  A number of websites are available that exploit this model and they return some of the commission to you.  Say you click on the link on their website and buy a $1200 hotel stay.  They will rebate 4% or $48 back to you by check or paypal.  Using these websites, I have received over $1600 in rebates over the last 10 years.

Obviously, the best way to use these websites is when you already decided to buy something from a site, not just because you see a link to some unknown site like  Luckily, these sites usually have deals with almost all the popular shopping sites like expedia, priceline, newegg, walmart, home depot, etc.

The one I use most often is FATWALLET.COM.  They have some Canadian shopping sites and also provide information on hot deals.
FatWallet Coupons and Deals

Another site that works is Mr. Rebates.
Mr. Rebates

A third is a British company that also has a lot of European sites, Top Cash Back.

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