Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pinball Wizard Becomes Quadcopter Pilot

Still studying for my CFP exam but had to find a substitute for pinball.  You see when I last studied for exams, it was 1983 and I was living in Toronto near the University of Toronto and Yonge Street.  Whenever I got tired of studying, I would go to the pinball arcade on Yonge Street and play pinball for about an hour, then walk back to my apartment and continue studying.

Well, Pinball has gone the way of the rotary telephone and Northern Virginia suburbs likely never had divey pinball arcades like Yonge Street so I had to find a substitute.  So I am taking breaks flying a little quadcopter in the basement.  It lacks the organic tactile feel of pinball or all the bells and clanking, but it seems to work.

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