Saturday, August 20, 2016

Differences Between Canada and the USA #2

I now have a better perspective on the differences between Canada and the USA. These variations are not dramatic, but they are interesting. In an effort to discourage anyone still reading this blog, I will write a series of posts about these contrasts.

The Post Office

In the USA, the post office is a political football.  Republicans point to it as a money-losing government boondoggle with nasty unions.  However, all congressmen (Republican and Democrat) want all post offices to stay open, stamps to be cheap, special services to be offered (passport anyone?), and door to door mail delivery everywhere 6 days a week.  Letter volume is dropping in spite of these handouts, parcel volume is increasing due to Internet shopping.

In Canada, the post office has to break even.  Therefore, most post offices are run by private companies, stamps are expensive, no more door to door delivery and only 5 days a week.  Letter volume is dropping dramatically, parcel volume is increasing due to Internet shopping.


Recycling in the USA is considered a necessary evil if you care about the world your children inherit.  If you don't have kids or don't care about them, forget recycling because its a pain in the behind.  Outside of the home, recycling is never done.

In Canada, recycling is a universal religious activity practiced by everyone.  There are public recycling stations everywhere, you must separate your recycling into 4 different types, and you would never admit to anyone that you do not believe in recycling.

Christian Religion

In USA, religion is almost universal.  There are big churches everywhere, and you would never say in polite company that you do not believe in God.  You are expected to be able to characterize your Church, e.g. "Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America".  If your church is not satisfactory, there is probably one you will like better within a mile or two.

Religion in the Canada is considered an interesting but little practiced historical custom.  If you don't have kids or don't care about them, you probably don't go to Church often if at all. Many church buildings are shared by 4 different branches of Christianity. Churches are few and far between, many of the older ones have been converted into condominiums or community centers (Americans, I kid you not!).

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  1. I wonder what the effect in religion is from temporary or permanent immigrants from Latin America, who tend to have strong religion beliefs (mostly Catholic).


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