Friday, June 3, 2016

The Difficulties of Selling a House with an Old Dog

Here in Northern Virginia, your house has to be staged to the max to sell.  Spotlessly clean, all clutter removed, all personal pictures removed, no big computer screens on desks, no old furniture, no rooms without furniture, all new stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops, no old bathroom fixtures, all blinds open, nothing on the kitchen or bathroom counters or tables, beds made, all lights on, all traces that you live there removed.

Aside from a huge amount of daily work, you have to vacate the house on 4 hours notice and stay out for an hour while it is being shown.

This works well if you are a working married couple and out of the house a lot, but not so well if you have an old pet, or children.  Our old dog cannot sit out in the Summer heat for extended periods, and most indoor places do not allow pets, and she is too old to send to "doggy day care".  During our showings, we end up sitting in a park and sitting in the air conditioned car.  The poor dog does not know what is going, paces constantly, and whines.

If you have an older pet and have to meet these draconian staging and showing rules, you should plan in advance before selling, otherwise you will be making it up like us as you go along.  Maybe get them used to sitting quietly in the basement in the utility area or something like that.

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