Thursday, July 3, 2014

Entrepreneur or Part Time Employee?

Since we are staying put for another 9 months or so, I am thinking:

  1. Should I start a small business, maybe write a smartphone app, do some consulting, or ?
  2. Should I take a part time job?  This area has low unemployment and there are lots of stores and businesses advertising for part time help.
The small business has that all-American entrepreneur thing going for it, and it is supposed to be a good way to reduce taxes.  If I started doing photo-drone work, I could deduct the cost of all the replacement parts when I crash the drone.

The part time job has low stress and gets me out of the house - it is not nerve wracking to ask each customer "do you want a shopping cart?" or "move forward to the second window, do you also want a warm apple-flavored extruded burrito-thingy?".  I also look good in a uniform, at least I did 50 years ago in Boy Scouts.

What do you think?  Entrepreneur or minimum-wage service worker?

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  1. I think you should design a bilingual Fart App for the iPhone and charge .99


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