Friday, July 18, 2014

Big Brother is Watching Me

My insurance broker told me that I could save money on auto insurance by getting a little gizmo called "Drivewise" that plugs into your car and relays your driving quality to the insurance company (Allstate).  It plugs into the OBD (on board diagnostics) port in the car, and must have some kind of wireless link capability to send the info to the insurance company.

The gizmo seems to be most concerned about acceleration, braking, and time of day when you drive.  Depending on these factors, it gives you a grade from C- to A+.  You can see how it is monitoring you online, and how you compare to other drivers.  I pulled the graph above from their website, and it seems to show that most Allstate drivers are C-, which is not good.  It recorded two of my trips yesterday, but does not have today's drive information.

I am very interested to see how we score on driving and whether it has any effect on our insurance rates.  Big Brother is definitely watching me.

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