Friday, February 22, 2019

Charities Punish Me for My Donations

I regularly give to charities: animal protection, hospitals, disease research, universities, PBS, etc. 

To recognize my donations, the charities try to make my life miserable.  I think they do it in the hope of getting more money.

  1. I gave to an environmental charity.  Right after that, they started calling me to "..thank me and talk to me about their mission..".  My wife tells them I am out.  I think she should tell them I am hiking to the Arctic to save Polar Bears.
  2. I give to local hospitals.  They immediately bombard me with solicitations for more contributions and newsletters highlighting the accomplishments of their hospital.
  3. I give to a local arts charity.  They keep phoning asking for more money or asking me to buy tickets to obscure shows that I would never attend.
  4. I gave to my alma mater.  They then asked me to "host" the 40th reunion of my class.  I asked what this entailed.  My job was to raise more money to endow a scholarship at the university by soliciting my old classmates that I have not talked to since my waist size was under 32 inches and I had a full head of hair.  I said no.
Next time I send money, it will be anonymous.

Picture credit: flickr

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