Monday, June 25, 2018

Why I Like Immigrants to Canada

Like most Canadians, I think we need a steady flow of immigrants and we should admit valid refugees like Syrians and Rohingya.  But why do I like immigrants?

  1. Immigrants are here by choice, and are less likely to whine and moan about Canada.  They, like all Canadians, can moan about the winter, this right is enshrined in our Bill of Rights.  But I never hear them complain about taxes, the metric system, two official languages, etc.
  2. Immigrants are more likely to work than native born Canadians.  This is also true in the USA.
  3. Immigrants commit less crimes than natives, also true in USA.
  4. Immigrants do not seem to get tattoos like native-born Canadians.  I still don't get why you need tattoos of roses/crosses/celebrities up and down both arms, both legs, and your neck.
  5. We have lots of spare land, water, and air up here.
  6.  We need people to take care of the baby boomers when they enter their "Depends Years".
  7. Most people who look like immigrants drive practical cars and minivans.  You never see an immigrant commuting to work from the suburbs alone in a tricked out Super Duty pickup.
  8. Immigrants generally value education and make sure their kids take full advantage of Canada's excellent education system.
  9. I never see anyone who looks or sounds like an immigrant begging on Elgin Street.
  10. Canada's food scene in the 60's was just horrible - pizza, steak, and fish were the most exotic things on the menu.  Now we have Thai, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Indian, Pakistani, and North African cuisine thanks to immigrants.
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  1. I am an immigrant living in Quebec.

    I love Canada.

    I don't have tattoos,
    I drive a bicycle, even in the winter
    I have never been sick in 20 years

  2. Excellent post! I get tired of listening to xenophobic idiots spewing lies about immigrants. The truth is that our economy can't function without these hard-working tax-paying people. Somebody has to pay for our unreasonably high number of public-sector employees.


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