Monday, October 3, 2016

Dollarama >> Costco

One of the changes moving downtown is that you cannot just hop in the car and go to the big box store or Costco when you need something.  These stores are out in the suburbs and it does not make sense to make the trip unless it is really important.  So where do you go downtown when you need some well priced plastic containers, paper towel, or some office supplies?  The Dollarama!

If you are like me, a Dollar store seems like a place where you can get expired macaroni and cheese, counterfeit toothpaste (Cresht and Colgete), and items that would not pass the safety check.  But Dollarama is different: it is well lighted, contains lot of name brand stuff, is well maintained, prices are low, and has great selection.

After a couple of trips to the store, I had to look into it.  It turns out that the concept was created by a family that used to own five and dime stores and I grew up with them.  They are the Rossy family from TMR, and I went to school with a number of them back in the 70's.  Their father saw that the Rossy 5 and 10 stores were not growing, and came up with Dollarama.  The sons that I remember from TMR now run the chain, and it is a successful public company.

Another new experience in our urban environment.

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