Monday, December 1, 2014

Keeping Busy in Quasi-Retirement

Now that we have our consulting business underway, but the work has dried up, how do I keep busy?  It is interesting to see what suits your personality, marriage, health, and financial situation, and I am sure it is different for everyone.

Reflecting on what I do these days, I came up with informal estimates that I put into a table (being an engineer).

ActivityHow Much?Why?
Working out at the GymnSomeKeeps you physically and mentally healthy
Prospecting for Consulting BusinessLittlePossibility of interesting work
Doing ConsultingLittleInteresting, sense of accomplishment
Hobbies: Building and flying home-made drone, fixing up computers..Quite a bitChallenging, sense of accomplishment, interesting
Managing personal investmentsLittleInteresting, necessary
HouseworkSomeI am married
Home handyman workSomeHouses need maintenance, sense of accomplishment
TravelSomeInteresting and see family and friends
Online coursesSomeInteresting, but not as interesting as I thought initially
Writing blogsLittleInteresting, at least to me
Browsing Internet, reading news, reading booksQuite a bitInteresting
Meeting with FriendsSomeEnjoyable
Watching TVSomeBad habit, had it since childhood thanks to Captain Kangaroo, The Flintstones, etc.
Eating out with spouseSomeEnjoyable
Shopping with SpouseSomeI am married

The best activities seem to involve "sense of accomplishment", "interesting", "challenging".  These seem to appeal to me the most.

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