Friday, October 3, 2014

Growing Old.....Badly...On Schedule

Once you pass the magic age of 50, stuff starts going wrong with your body according to what seems like a pre-planned schedule.  Going to the Doctor about some problem usually ends with an explanation of the cause and the phrase " is normal at your age.." or "..this usually happens in your 50's".  They should have an app where you can plug in your symptoms and it suggests the likely age-related cause, except some lawyers would probably sue the developer.

My latest afflictions are a pinched nerve in the neck caused by aging of the spine and a vitreous detachment in my eye that is causing me to see spots and cobwebs all the time.  Both will go away (hopefully) with some time and/or treatment.  In the meantime, they provide a convenient excuse for not finding a part time job or lifting heavy objects.

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