Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Employment is Picking Up in the USA

In spite of my lack of success in picking up lucrative consulting work (I cherish this fantasy), the employment situation seems to be picking up.

  • The unemployment rate has dropped to 6.1% from its high of 10% in 2009
  • Trucking comnpanies complain about lack of drivers
  • Airlines complain of a shortage of pilots
  • Lots of signs in restaurants, supermarkets, stores advertising for workers in our area
  • Liberty Tax is hiring - to do taxes, not to dress up as Lady Liberty and dance with a sign on the street corner
  • Loudoun County is holding a jobs fair this month for seasonal jobs for this holiday season
While none of this can be attributed to the dastardly duo of President Obama and the Federal Reserve, it is good news.  

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