Sunday, January 12, 2014


Spent yesterday catching up on paperwork, going out to a movie (American Hustle) and making a video.

  1. Managed to pay for the Canadian CFP Course after following all the rules.  Only problem was an error in the website that allowed me to enter that I lived in the United States but then would only allow me to select a province and Canadian postal code.
  2. Received the forms to continue my health insurance (COBRA) - very important.
  3. Filed some health claims.
  4. American Hustle is a good movie with some great acting, think of it as a 70's take on The Sting.
  5. Created a video from the stills and video that I took on a train trip from Vancouver to Whistler.  The tools available today allow even a rank amateur like me to do something that is at least watchable, way better than the old Super-8 home movies of old.   I will link it to the blog.

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