Sunday, August 8, 2021

Time for a Rant

 I hope nobody is still reading this blog, because I am going to rant about stuff that is bugging me, and this will not sound good.

What is bugging me these days (its a long list):

  1. The unvaccinated that doubt science, believe in conspiracies, or just cannot be bothered.  If you don't want to get vaccinated, stay home and don't infect the rest of us or get sick and take up hospital space.  And forget that "freedom" argument - no one has the free right to infect others with a potentially deadly disease.
  2. The politicians who treat covid as an opportunity to get votes.  Up here, we have elections coming:
    1. Trudeau, the federal leader, wants the votes of the loony left health nuts who refuse to vaccinate, so he is opposed to vaccination passports.
    2. Ford, the provincial leader, wants the votes of the nutty right conspiracy and religious anti-vaxxers, so he is opposed to vaccination passports.
    3. The Republicans in the USA who refuse to allow common sense public health measures are committing mass murder, and they should be charged.
  3. The public health agencies that still make us go through a lot of hygiene theater even though transmission through touch is extremely rare.  Lots of useless sanitizing, hand washing, alcohol hand sanitizer being used for no good.  Then they wonder why people doubt their useful recommendations.
  4. US Republicans who continue to follow Trump the ignorant narcissistic racist blowhard who lost them the house, senate, and presidency.
  5. All the companies who use the 18 month old pandemic to justify their lousy service.  Hours long waits on hold, poor service, late deliveries, things out of stock, poorly cooked food, no refunds - all manner of bad customer service is still being blamed on the pandemic.  Clearly, most companies are not at all flexible or creative as they cannot adapt.  And we are paying more...
  6. The millennials who whine and complain they cannot afford a house.  I have some sympathy but you are not going to be able to buy the same house as your parents in the same area.  It has not worked that way for about 100 years.  You start with what you can afford in an area you can afford and cut out most luxuries like eating out, big vacations, and nice cars for a few years until your salary has gone up and you have paid off part of the mortgage.
  7. Elder folks who want to stay in their house until they die.  Face it, once you are over 80 or even earlier, you will not be able to handle it without a large amount of help from your family or expensive hired help.  Besides, why do you need 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a finished basement, a big lot, and a two car garage if there is only one or two people living in the house?  After 80, you do not have the stamina or health to handle a modern house.  I am dealing with this with my mother of 91 who has dementia and still living in her house.  Move into a retirement home or get a condo.
  8. Idiots who want to "defund the police".  Who is going to deal with the criminals, the emergencies, and all the other stuff we ask the police to handle?  Also, if you call the police about a person who is violent and threatening (family member perhaps), that person may end up wounded or dead for good reason.  We don't want our police giving their lives when they are under mortal danger.  The police may not be able to calm brother Johnny with a knife who is threatening to kill anybody who comes near him - you could not do it, why do you think they can?
  9. Calling racism against Muslims "Islamophobia".  It is not a phobia or disease like fear of heights, it is just racism pure and simple.  We don't have Blackophobia or Jewophobia, so let's stop this right now.
  10. All the spam calls about car warranties, duct cleaning, the IRS, etc.  Fix caller id so people cannot spoof it and make these calls without punishment.
  11. Social media and online media that allow you to make anonymous comments.  If you had to identify yourself to make comments, you would think two or three times before writing nasty racist trash.
  12. Social media in general is a cancer.  They want to either excite you or make you mad so you will check in with them 10 times a day and they can show you ads that don't look like ads.  They will also sell you or your kids information to anyone.  Most of them are unregulated monopolies - is there an alternative to Facebook, Twitter, or Google?  Why do these companies buy up startups before they get going?  To stop competition and to build a better monopoly hold on the audience.
Okay, I am done now.  That's a relief.